How To Make Cannabis Tincture

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis Tincture

It’s Cannabis Tincture Time

When it comes to cooking with cannabis there are so many different ways to infuse cannabis into your food. Depending on your tolerance and recipe, the method in which you add cannabis to your food can change. For me, my favorite way to involve cannabis in my favorite foods is tincture. Also when you don’t have time for a puff, or you can’t, this is also a great way to enjoy cannabis.


What is Cannabis Tincture?

Before I explain how you can create your own cannabis tincture, let’s discuss what tincture actually is. In the most basic sense tincture is a cannabis extract. This means liquid is infused with weed, and is solely meant for sublingual consumption. You cannot smoke or vaporize this liquid. For our specific purposes here we will only be talking about alcohol based products. You can create this liquid with glycerin or oil, but that is known as an infusion in most circles. To me personally, it doesn’t create as potent of an end product.

The great thing about tackling the task of making cannabis tincture at home is that it is by far the easiest way to make a cannabis infusion to cook with. So let’s go over the steps on how to make cannabis tincture.


Supplies needed to make cannabis Tincture:

  1. Decarbed cannabis – around 8 grams (If you aren’t sure how to decarb your cannabis, check this article to LEARN HOW TO)
  2. 6 ounces of 200 proof ethyl alcohol or 190 proof everclear
  3. 2 freezer safe glass containers, like a mason jar, with a lid
  4. Weed Grinder (See some of our favorites HERE)
  5. Small unbleached coffee filters
  6. Cheesecloth (If you don’t have any grab some HERE)
  7. A dropper bottle to store your tincture (Like this ONE)

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Now that you have your ingredients ready let’s get started!

 Creating Cannabis Tincture:

  1. Figure out how potent you want it to be. A good tip on making a cannabis tincture potent is how long you steep it in alcohol for. The longer it steeps the higher the potency, but at the same time more chlorophyll will be in the final product which will result in a bad taste. We recommend starting at 2 hours, then next time you make more, adjust accordingly. Once you figure out how long you want to steep it for, it’s time to start prepping your weed.
  2. Decarb your 8 grams of cannabis and freeze it. This process helps trichomes detached from the plant more efficiently.
  3. While freezing the weed, you’ll want to put your alcohol in a separate container and place it in the freezer.
  4. Leave both containers in the freezer for 24 hours.

First Wash:

  1. To perform this you will need to pour half of the alcohol into the jar with the weed.Tip: To prevent your hands from getting too cold,yeah wrap the alcohol and weed jar in a towel.
  2. Now add the lid and shake the alcohol weed mixture for 5 minutes. This process extracts all the good cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.
  3. Once that’s done you’ll return both the alcohol and weed containers back to the freezer for an additional two hours.
  4. Once that two hour waiting period is up, remove the jar with weed/alcohol mixture from the freezer, and shake it for another 5 minutes.

Tip: Again using a towel to prevent cold hands if needed. You can leave the alcohol only jar in the freezer.

Time to strain the weed!

This is going to be a double filter strain. First through cheesecloth to catch the bigger pieces of plant material, and then strain it through the coffee filter. This will remove other unwanted compounds and residue.

  1. Set up another jar for the coffee filter.
  2. Place the cheesecloth over the lid of your weed/alcohol jar, and pour the liquid that strains through into the coffee filter jar.

Note: If you can set the jars on top of each other and strain from one to the other without making a mess, great, if not just do it by pouring the contents from one into the other. It should take about 10 minutes.

2nd Wash

  1. Repeat the previous steps with the remaining amount of alcohol.
  2. Pour it into the jar which has weed in it and you just strained. Shake for 5 minutes.
  3. Leave it in the freezer for two hours.
  4. Remove, shake again and repeat straining process.

Reduce Volume of Liquid

  1. Remove the coffee filter from the jar, leave the lid off and let the jar sit undisturbed in front of a fan. This will allow excess alcohol to evaporate.
  2. Once it is reduced by half, it’s all done.
  3. Go and bottle your final product into the dropper bottle and enjoy! Note: Store the eye dropper bottle in the fridge to prolong it’s lifespan.

That’s it. You just made your first batch of cannabis tincture! When cooking add a few drops to whatever you’re making and you’ll be feeling an amazing tasty buzz for sure!

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Weed Hot Chocolate Recipe

Weed Hot Chocolate Recipe

Weed Hot Chocolate


Weed Hot Chocolate

Making Weed Hot Chocolate

      For some people there is nothing more relaxing than getting a nice warm creamy cup of Hot Chocolate. For those who love weed, there is nothing better than Weed Hot Chocolate. Thankfully making your own batch of weed hot chocolate is quick and easy. All you need is some decarbed weed, your favorite hot chocolate mix of choice, milk, sugar and some ground cinnamon (if you need a tutorial on how to decarb weed check out our weed decarbing article HERE). 

1.Take some decarbed weed and grind it into a fine powder. (If you need a grinder Check out our favorite grinders HERE) Note: If you have cannabis sugar, this will also work. Depending on tolerance and desired amount of servings you should make sure you use an appropriate amount of cannabis to ensure a quality drink.

2. Once your cannabis is properly prepared, mix it in a bowl with your cocoa powder mix, cinnamon and sugar. Now make sure you whisk the dry mixture thoroughly.

3. After you have your prepared Pot Cocoa mix ready you will add milk to a saucepan over low heat. Just like making normal hot chocolate, you do not want your milk to get too hot! If it starts to boil, lower the temperature and wait for it to stop.

4. Stirring slowly and occasionally you will want to add the contents of your weed hot chocolate powder to the mixture. Make sure everything is well mixed. Once everything is mixed together and you can see no powder, you can pour it into a mug and enjoy your Pot Cocoa!


      For those who don’t have access to decarbed weed, and only have stems, there is a way to make weed hot chocolate yourself as well. While our first version of the recipe is milk based, this one requires water. You will also need ¼ stick of butter and an unbleached coffee filter. Ideally the butter is unsalted, but that is your choice.


Step for if you only have cannabis stems

Note: You’re going to want around ⅛ of an ounce of stems for the best result and this can provide 1-3 servings.

1. Boil the water per the amount you plan on making.

2. Next you’re going to add a small amount of butter per your taste and the stems at the same time into the water.

3. Stir gently and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Note: The smell of marijuana will tip you off when the water is ready.

4. Once you’ve finished boiling the stems its time to strain the water into your mug. Note: I recommend using an unbleached coffee filter to ensure you are removing all bits of stem from your water.

5. Once the stems are removed, you can reheat the water depending on how hot your like your cocoa and you’re done. Stir in your favorite hot cocoa mix and enjoy a small buzz with your hot chocolate.


Other uses for the cannabis water

     You can actually make a lot of things with this water beyond hot chocolate. You can even boil pasta with it for a buzz friendly meal. The world is your oyster once you understand how to cook with stems! So take a sip and relax. Enjoy your soothing cup of weedless weed hot chocolate.

       Nick (Budznbeardz) put together and great video how to make weed hot chocolate. Please check out his channel also for other great weed info and tips.

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Cannabutter Recipe

Cannabutter Recipe

Cannanbutter Recipe

Cannabutter Ingredients
Cannabutter End Result

     How to Make Cannanbutter

       For those who like sweets, or even savory meals, Cannabutter is a must have ingredient for your kitchen for when you want a tasty marijuana infused meal. Requiring a methodical process in order to create the best butter possible, we decided to create a step by step process to help you hop out of the fire and into the kitchen.

      The first step to make cannabutter is to gather your ingredients. We based this ingredient list off using 1 gram of cannabis. We divided it into two parts: 1) What you need for the decarboxylation process and 2) What’s required for actually making the butter.

       For those unaware, to create the best edibles that are effective, decarbing your stash is key. Decarbing your weed means you are chemically altering your weed with heat  to activate raw cannabis into a more potent enhanced form. This is a critically important step in making cannabutter, and should never be skipped.


For decarbing your weed you need the following items:

  • 1 gram of your finest cannabis (The better the quality, the better and more potent the final product is)

  • Parchment paper

  • Tin Foil or oven-safe airtight container/bag

  • A baking sheet

  • A wooden spoon

  • A grinder ( Check out our favorite grinder list HERE)

Weed Grinder

For the process of making the cannabutter itself you need:

  • Unsalted butter – this amount is based on the amount needed for whatever you plan to use the cannabutter in.

  • ¼ cup of water

  • A small saucepan

  • A mesh strainer (the finer the better).

  • And a storage container that is food safe.

*Note if you want a milder end product, using trim or shake will give you a better result, but will also give a bitter taste thanks to the chlorophyll.

Decarbing Your Weed

        So to decarb your weed the first step is to heat your oven to 250 degrees. In its raw form, there is no psychoactive effect to cannabis, so in this essential step we are using heat to convert THCA to THC. First things first is to cover your baking sheet in parchment paper and get ready to prepare your nugs. Take full ungrounded nugs and break them apart with your hands, or if you have a pair of scissors, use that.


         Once your cannabis is broken apart, bundle it in the parchment paper. Take your bundle of parchment paper and wrap it with tin foil or an airtight oven safe silicone bag or container. Then place the secured pouch in the oven, either on a baking sheet or dish. Leave it in the oven for roughly 30 minutes. It takes around 30 minutes for about 80% of the THCA to be converted into THC. Make sure if this is your first time making cannabutter to leave the weed in the oven for less time so you don’t burn it. The more often you make cannabutter, you will figure out how long is best to leave the weed in for per your oven.


       Once your timer goes off, remove the baking sheet from the oven. Allow your nugs to reach room temperature and then try to achieve a medium coarse grind using your trusty grinder. If you’re looking for an example to help eyeball what medium coarse looks like in this case, be sure to compare your grind to coffee. And remember you must use this right away to make your cannabutter. Do not store this away for later.


 Time to Make the Cannabutter

        Now that the weed has been decarbed, it’s time to move on to the fun process of actually making your cannabutter. Just like you need high quality weed, you’re going to need a good butter to infuse. Butter that is high in fat is perfect for the job. Fat is required to infuse the cannabinoids for your end product, and as a bonus effect, it will pull chlorophyll out and other things that can create a bad taste in your final product. Depending on the time and the end recipe you plan on making, you can use melted butter, or brown butter. Melted butter requires a long steeping process that can take up to four hours. If you’re short on time, brown butter can take six to ten minutes thanks to the higher heat.

Straining Cannabutter

         You can either use a saucepan, or a double boiler if accessible. Add the decarbed weed, butter and a ¼ cup of water. While melted butter can range from 1 to 4 hours, for our recipe we recommend one hour. For 45 minutes to an hour simmer the mixture on low heat. A thermometer should be used to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 190 degrees. Once you are finished simmering, run the final mixture through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth, and pour this directly into your food safe storage container. Cover it and let it cool. If you have water left over after leaving it in the fridge, pour this out.


        And that’s it! A tried and true way to make cannabutter at home. You can use this butter to make things like the very traditional weed brownies, pizza, popcorn, whatever your heart desires that also requires butter, this will work with.


        Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions, additional tips, and how it turned out for you!

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