Novelty Grinders

What Are The Coolest Novelty Grinders?

Purchasing novelty grinders can be a big deal. Some want the best in show, some want the cheapest, and others want the grinder that’s going to make a statement. Unfortunately some of the more top of the line grinders can cost a pretty penny — up to $500. Here we are looking at the most eye catching, affordable grinders we can find online today.

KOBRA Pokemon Grinder

These pokemon grinders will help you grind them all! A perfect gift for that Pokemon Master in your life. Coming with that also so important kief catcher, it’s both cool and functional for the smoker on the go! Catch one here

Death Star Herb Grinder

Similar to the pokemon grinder, These Death Star grinders are amazing for any Star Wars fans in a galaxy far far away. Any Jedi can tell you the force is strong with this grinder as it has a kief catcher along with being portable. Command one today.

BB-8 and BB-9E grinders

AND for those who love BB-8 and BB-9E, we have grinders just for you

The Herb Card

This sleek grinder card by Green Goddess is for the discreet. This card is ready to go and easily kept in your wallet. Cleaning it is a breeze! Be the hero of the party next time you slide this guy out. Great for joints or pipes, snag one here!

Beamer Plastic Grinder

And this last grinder here is like a good flashlight in a storm. There when you don’t expect and potentially need it most. These plastic grinders are best in a pinch. And with the 6 pack sale they have going on, you get a lot for a little in terms of price so you can always do something cool with them in the meanwhile. Grab them here!

SNVIN Grinders:

Our final recommendation for novelty grinders is the SNVIN Grinder storefront on amazon. Having a variety of shapes, sizes and colors the SNVIN grinders are perfect for those looking for a little color in life. These grinders are great when in a budget crunch but looking for a grinder with flare. Check all of their awesome grinders here.