Manual Grinders

What Is The Coolest Manual Grinders?

If you’re a smoker like me then you like kief, and the best way to gather that is with a manual grinder! For the uninitiated, kief is the crystal like substance on weed, or the plant pollen which tends to be highly concentrated with THC. When you have a good kief collection you can save some for a rainy day, sprinkle it on a bowl or joint, and enjoy your afternoon. Here we created a list of some of the best manual grinders. This list is perfect for those either looking for a simpler grinder or those on the hunt to collect kief. Lets begin!

The Kozo Blue Lightning

This Kozo grinder is not only sleak, it does the job while also being affordable. Having been recently redesigned, the kief chamber is now made to hold as much of that beautiful substance as possible. This grinder works like a champion and is a much needed addition to your weed smoking collection. Buy it here. And if you’re looking for other Kozo products, please check them out

HOKirin Hand Crank Grinder

This next grinder is unique in it’s design with a turning wrench framework. It’s great for those who love the final out come of manual grinders but can’t stand the standard twist and grind formula. This grinder is a great piece of equipment to keep at home for help on those rainy days off work. Buy it here and get ready to crank it.

The Tree of Life

This bad boy by Swagstr Grinders is key to the daily smokers lifestyle. A huge containment chamber for your herb, as well as a massive kief catcher, this grinder is perfect to keep at home. Not only is it amazing to look at with its etched design, the amount of weed it can hold , can keep you going for days without having to grind more. Grab this amazing grinder here.

HemGrinder Beer Barrel

This last item is for those who love Beer, Weed and Kief. A wonderful party piece, this grinder does the work with its 4 chamber system that is just made to impress. And when you think it cannot get any better, there are color choices! Graey, Green, Rainbow and Red. This grinder has wonderful form, function and price! Grab a keg here!