Electric Grinders

What Are The Best Electric Grinders?

Electric grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even different grinding consistencies for those looking for an extra fine grind. Great for the aficionado or the novice looking for an easier time grinding, these grinders can save you a lot of time! We spent the time researching the best of the best, and put them here in a list just for you!

Vivisun Electronic Grinder

This first grinder is amazing for those who are on the go and looking for something portable enough to fit in your pocket. The Vivisun dry herb spice grinder is the ideal solution to all of your travel needs, coming with an easily detachable design, the machine is a breeze to clean. And for those who plan to use it everyday, this grinder comes with a one year warranty upon purchase!

Wakit Electronic Grinder

This Wakit grinder is perfect for those looking for a quick, clean uniform grind. And for those looking for an extra fine grind? That’s fine too. All one needs is a double click and the wakit grinder will give it an extra grind. Great for those grinding up large amounts of weed in one go! Grab it here!

OTTO Electric Smart Grinder

The Electric Smart grinder by Otto is a product for a serious smoker. Not only does this product not only grinds weed but packs a joint right after. Running at an expensive $149.99, it is the height of luxury and convenience as far as a joint smoker could go

Honorable Mention : Mamba v2-50 Grinder

And as a honorable mention in this list we have the Mamba V2-50 grinder. Fitting up to a gram of weed at a time this bad boy feels like a portable weed shooter. 15 times faster than a manual grinder and charged by usb, this grinder is a great back up grinder to have on the go.