What Makes A Cool Grinder?

All stoners know the struggle of not having a cool weed grinder on hand. And while throughout the years we have created any inventive solutions to this problem, there still is no true replacement for that of an amazing grinder. Which begs the question, what makes a cool grinder? Unless you’re looking for something temporary, like the good old plastic grinder, something long lasting is a great place to start. Buying a grinder is an investment, if you don’t buy something that matches your preferences, grinding weed is going to be a pain every time. If you’re looking for a breakdown as to why grinders are helpful, check out this awesome video done by our friends, Green Goddess Supply.

We break grinders down into several categories. Manual, Electric, Novelty and the Coolest Grinders. For those who love feeling the grind happen between their hands, Manual Grinders are made for you. If you’re looking for something a little fancier and automated check out our list of Electric Grinders. For those who just want something cool to show off to their friends, we have Novelty Grinders.

For our final category, we realized many people ask themselves what is the best grinder? Here at Cool Grinders, we’ve been asking the same question. After extensive research, we searched for grinders by price, by style, by function. We have looked at discrete grinders for the smoker on the go, grinders for the kief fiends, and even extremely fancy electronic grinders for those who love to live in luxury. We picked the coolest of the cool, and created our Cool Grinders Top 5 list. Do you need a grinder? Well look no further, because we have reviewed the best of the best. Just dive right in and find your future grinder here at Cool Grinders today